Marvnation huge supporter of women boxing
The victorious Summer Lynn
Team Zolt after a well fought victory
Oliver Galicia in celebration after his big victory
Kyle Erwin after his victory
Marvin Rodriguez and Ashton Sylve
FouseyTube at BoxFest Rd 2
Promoter Marvin Rodriguez and Matchmaker Ramiro Hernandez
BoxFest Commentators
Promoter Marvin Rodriguez, Ashton "H20" Sylve, Ivan Sylve, and Ramiro Hernandez
Kid Kansas and his team
Victorious after his win Raul Salomon
The Victorious Sincere Brooks
King Mylik
Ruben Islas
Trent Rawlins and Ref Thomas Taylor
Juan "EL NEGRO" Sanchez
William King and Coach Trevor Sambrano
The Bustos Team
William King
Commentators "The Vivacious" Vanessa Martinez & "The CrimeFighting Cutman" Mike Rodriguez
Linda Juarez, Vanessa Martinez, Chelly Rivas
WBC Supervisor Nancy Rodriguez and Jose Marruffo
Sergio "Chanchilla" Jimenez and Champ Brandon "The Cannon" Adams
Jesus "El Jefecito" Beltran
Carlos "El Sayayin" Rodriguez and Ref Thomas Taylor
Jaivion " Professor" Cardinal and Referee Gerard White
Kyle Erwin and Referee Jack Reese
Andy Dominguez and Referee Gerard White
Alfredo "Dominate" Hernandez and Referee Thomas Taylor
Alejandro "Pinpon" Reyes and Referee Jack Reese
Selena Impersonator @ Box Fest Round 1 on January 29th, 2022
WBC Silver Female Super Fly Champion, Adelaida "La Cobra" Ruiz
Banda Imperio
Joseph "Jojo" Diaz & Promoter Marvin Rodriguez
Ernesto Amador & Israel Vasquez Spanish commentators for Box Fest 2021
Beto Duran & Jojo Diaz English commentators for Box Fest 2021
Beto Duran & Promoter Marvin Rodriguez
Promoter Marvin Rodriguez & ESeckbach
Ring Girls Raquel & Amaris
World Champion Claressa Sheilds
WBC Silver Female Super Fly Champion Adelaida " La Cobra" Ruiz
Team Benavidez at BoxFest 2021
World Champion's Claressa Shields & Joseph "JoJo" Diaz


The entertainment dream was born in 2014 by Founder and CEO Marvin Rodriguez with a vision to not only create concerts or boxing events, but creating experiences for the fans. In 2018 MarvNation saw the need of many young , talented and hungry prospects into a sport with no support unless they had an extensive olympic & amateur background. Our mission is to make a way for the young prospects to become top contenders of the sport. We have established ourselves as a prominent Promotion Company that is not only local but on an international level with talent in countries such as US, Mexico, Costa Rica, and more to come. MarvNation is here to bring you the best of Boxing and Music Experience by combining the best of both worlds by bringing the two together.


“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”

Victor Hugo

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